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The Source of Life Church Music and Arts department is a comprehensive organization that meets the performing arts needs for a diverse body of the members that attend The Source of Life Church. Performing Arts includes music, drama, and dance delivered through live performances, which is often transferred to other forms of media (audio and video). We are passionate about Christian worship through the arts and embrace the values that it contributes to our church and society: therefore, we are creative, energetic, entreprising, innovative, and proactive, consistently seeking out new ways to realize the church's mission, vision, core principals and goals at-large.

Music Ministries:

Open Call for All Singers, Dancers, and Actors:

There will be an open call very soon at Source of Life Church for all singers, dancers and actors.

Singers: Please come prepared to sing a song of your choice a cappella

Dancers: If you have an audition piece you can perform it, but it is not mandatory/necessary.

Actors: If you have something prepared to read/act that is fine, but it is not mandatory/necessary.

For more information please email pastorssenfuma@gmail.com
© 2018 Copy right - Source of Life Church   | 
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