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The purpose of children is to Assist parents in connecting children to the Gospel, their Family, and their Friends. At SLC, we believe that children are valuable gifts from God. God calls His church both to teach children and defend them from evil and danger. We believe that children, just like adults, need Jesus’ saving love. Only Jesus can change kids, families, neighborhoods and schools.
We have fun while we learn about Jesus and relate the truth of the Bible to the world in which your kids live. We accomplish this through age-appropriate teaching that shows Jesus to your child in a way he or she can understand. At SLC, we also believe that the home is the front line of ministry to children. The responsibility for a child’s spiritual formation rests primarily in the hands of his or her parents. We want to walk beside you as you train your children in godliness-providing the best help and resources that we can.

Children growing up knowing the Lord is the best act of christianity and the Gift a parent can ever give to his or her child. Children Ministry aims at using each and every talent to reach out to various kids and enable them become responsible citizens both in Heaven and on earth.

Children Ministry is very important in the household of God. This ministry is meant to care for the spiritual, physical and moral growth of the young ones for the glory of Christ.

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